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About Us

The history behind Kingdom Kichwa starts with two brothers who were born in the Andean páramo beneath the volcano El Altar in the indigenous community of Puruha de Balcashi in Chimborazo Province. The names of the brothers are Chasky and Luis and both have worked in tourism as Andes Mountains Guides for over a decade and traveled South America sharing the proud world vision of the Kichwa People with them. Along the way they had a dream to create a place where they could enlarge their family with guests from around the world and share their culture. That dream is now a reality. Kingdom Kichwa Guesthouse is a place where these two brothers continue to expand the ancestral experiences of their people with curious and adventurous backpackers from around the world.


Foto de ChaskyBorn in the Andean province of Chimborazo in a Kichwa community, Chasky moved to the northern province of Carchi where he lived between 1980 and 1998 and his Kichwa heritage fused with the people of Tuza Montufar. From 2000 Chasky initiated his work as a mountain guide in the Ecuadorian Andes, especially in his incredible backyard the Antisana, Cayambe-Coca Reserves, and it wasn’t long before he was guiding trips to Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia as well. After 2009 through university studies and lessons learned over the years Chasky obtained his title as National Guide of Tourism in Ecuador with the respective license N.554 certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. This has permitted Chasky to guide different tours of adventure, including science, cultural, and ecotourism tours, gender groups and people with special needs in South American countries. The experience, the knowledge of the different necessities in the world of tourism has permitted him to create Kingdom Kichwa, and the tourism operator Paso del Inca, with the philosophy to serve and share and enjoy the benefits offered by tourism.


Although she was born in Krakow, Poland, Ecuador feels like home for Ela. Being a graduate of International Relations and Latin America Culture, Ela began to implement the knowledge she learnt in university by traveling Latin America.

Ela is a huge fan of Andean cultures and their worldvision and traveling gave her the opportunity to meet Ecuadors native Kichwa people and share experiences with them. Thus the idea of building a guesthouse in Quito with Luis and Chasky was born. Ela is a licensed tour leader and happy to share her passion of travel with others, especially in the Andes where you can climb, hike, and ski all in one day.


No doubt sharing the mix and fusion of cultures leaves a richness in our lives, being of Kichwa parents in the central part of Ecuador, who had to travel in the Andes, Coast, and Amazon for work. has let this family take advantage of the enrichment of knowledge, traditions, culture, and traditional medicine and cuisine from these parts of the country. With 10 years of being immersed in tourism as a profession, Lucho is certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador No. 558 as National Tourism Guide and Native Guide No. 363 as Native Guide to the Jungle.

Lucho continues to adquire experiences managing groups from different nationalities, age groups, in conventional tourism, hikes and expeditions for trekking, and high-altitude mountain climbing. He also is a guide for the Amazonian regions, the coast, indigenous markets and communinties of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and most recently Colombia. Kingdom Kichwa guesthouse fuses kindness and courtesy that shares my culture to new friends around the world.

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